Natural, Recyclable, Antibacterial


Bee Bear is a baby plush toy, the best first toy for your baby. It contains an innovative thermodynamic layer of beeswax, unique on the market. The thermodynamic layer of beeswax allows the toy to adjust its shape to the pressure of fingers, which helps babies to bend and change the shape of the toy and develop their fine motor skills. Numerous scientific studies have confirmed that Beeswax has antibacterial capabilities on the surface and is around 5mm in diameter.  Additionally, the distinct smell of the wax is soothing which allows babies and their parents to go through the period of teeth growth more easily and carelessly.
Baby plush toy - Bee Bear - baby first toy
 Baby Bottle Tote Insulator
Honey Bag is a Baby Bottle Tote that uses natural beeswax as an insulator which is a unique and innovative approach for insulation. The insulating beeswax layer maintain bottle content hot or cold for hours. It has excellent thermal properties and because of its unique properties, beeswax also protects the bottle.
Made from cotton coated with beeswax, beeswax wrap is an alternative natural food wrap with antibacterial properties. Though not recommended for use with raw meat, it can be used as the lid to cover bowls or plates of food or to wrap fruit, vegetables, bread, cheese, herbs, baked goods and other food products, for on-the-go convenience.
Beeswax wrap